How To Budget For Your Trip

Whether you have deep pockets or a hole in your pocket, this article will show you how to figure out just how much money you should expect to spend on your next trip. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you want to make every penny last. The first step is just as easy as figuring out what things you are and are not willing to spend the extra money on.


You are either…..


The Super Saver Backpacker

  • Willing to hand wash your own clothes
  • Eat where the locals eat (Warning: Make sure it’s fully cooked if you’re traveling to any country where Aircon and hot water are luxuries). This person will also easily be found eating at Mcdonald’s, trying to survive off rice and porridge they make in their room, or just eating as few meals as possible.
  • Navigate your way through public transportation
  • Stay just outside of tourist town. Willing to spend an extra hour after just arriving miserably carrying around everything you own to find a local hotel, basic dorm, or homestay. (Tip: Usually the places with the best deals aren’t listed on the internet. Hence why you must trudge along and find them.
  • Don’t buy it unless I NEED it… like, really need it… like it will save my life or I will be miserable without it
  • Doesn’t do excursions or site-seeing unless it’s free


The Comfort Matters Backpacker

  • Sends out laundry
  • Eat at the cheapest and cleanest restaurant they can find
  • Will take a tourist bus/ cheap taxi. Willing to spend extra on comfort
  • Stays at one of the cheapest places they can find on the internet. Has to be clean and comfortable, but can’t cost the price of my plane ticket either
  • Just buying gifts for my friends and family… and a new handbag… and extra shoes… and that cute hat since I didn’t bring one…. and an second pair of sunglasses… just in case
  • Willing to spend just enough, but not too much on excursions. Probably rents a scooter and does their own tour of the city


The Boujee Backpacker

  • Sends out laundry and it comes back pressed, folded, fluffed, and on their bed when they come back
  • Eats wherever their heart desires… this is a once in a lifetime trip and they want to try the best food this country has to offer
  • Takes an Uber, Grab, Lift, Taxi, hired car
  • Luxury hostel or private room at hotel ….my personal opinion on this is that either 1) you are spending way too much time in your room and not exploring the country you’re visiting or 2) you just spent your next trip’s budget on a room you will only be sleeping and bathing in. That being said, in some countries these places are actually super affordable, just shop around
  • Has to buy a second bag just to hold everything they’ve bought on their trip
  • Pays someone to give them a tour of the city, rents jet skis, goes paragliding/ rafting, sky diving and anything else that can give their grandmother a heart attack


If you are feeling like a mix of all three.. don’t worry…. just pick the one you feel like you are most like. After that Lonely Planet does the rest of the work. If you haven’t heard of Lonely Planet..well today is your lucky day. They are one of the largest names in travel guides.

Step 1:

Choose a country. Done. Easy. I’m sure you already have one in mind.


Step 2:

Go to lonely planets website and type in the search bar which country you have in mind. Scroll all the way to bottom and you will see a “In Detail” section. Then “money and cost” give that a click and BAM! You get up-to-date info on currency exchange, daily costs, and even BARGAINING. Bargain people! Do it! If you don’t know how.. just start. Show no fear and save money doing it. Check out my blog post “How To Bargain Abroad” for a few tips.


Take the daily rate from the website times the days you want to travel the country then add cost of plane ticket, and traveler’s insurance.

If you haven’t purchased a backpack or supplies start with asking anyone and everyone you know if you can borrow whatever they might have that you feel you need. Then set aside roughly $200 usd for a backpack and $150 usd for supplies to be purchased. Please please please bring some emergency cash. I usually have the cost of a return ticket home and $200 usd left with a family member in case the unthinkable happens. *Someone getting ahold of my credit card number (happened way too many times), natural disaster, or the usual getting drunk, lost, and abandoned*


That’s it! Just two steps. It took me days stumbling around on the internet until I found this gem, save yourself the hair pulling and use this site.


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