5 Things Every Traveler Needs

Everyone has their  own idea on what is absolutely essential while traveling, but here are 5 things every traveler needs wherever they go.


  1. Battery pack

Ever came off an 8 hour bus ride where you fell asleep binge watching Game Of Thrones and woke up with no idea how to get to your hostel because your phone was dead and you had no where to charge it? Welllll, if you don’t want that lovely experience, then you need a battery pack. Mine has kept me out of A LOT of sticky situations when I needed to use my phone and I was on .0001%. It will be your best friend on plane, bus, train, car, tuk tuk, boat, donkey, or any other kind of long mind-numbing ride. If you want one that you know will give you multiple charges and won’t let you down, I recommend the brand Anker.



2. Medicine

There are two kinds of medicine every backpacker needs 1) stomach pills for when you decided to eat something questionable and end up regretting it right after (Pepto Bismol tablets are my go-to), and 2) motion sickness pills. I can already hear people saying “I never get motion sickness”. Well… it’s just one of those things that when you need it you really really really wish you had it. Besides, if you’re a lucky devil and never end up using it, you will probably meet your new best friend that will love you forever for sharing.



3. Packing Cubes 

Don’t you love dumping out your entire backpack just to find that one thing you need? No? Well, than you need packing cubes. These mesh zipper bags of wonder can turn even the most unorganized pack into something at least manageable. AND Amazon will ship them right to your front door 😉

Click this to get the ones I have.


4. Universal Adaptor

Don’t be cheap when buying these people. Cheap universal adaptor won’t fit snuggly in every outlet, leaving you to practically (and literally) duck taping your adaptor to the wall so the damn thing will work. A dependable and compatible adaptor recommended by well-known travel bloggers is SKROSS External Power Adapter. But.. I know one of you out there is thinking “I’m only going to Australia so I’ll only need an Australian adaptor.” Don’t forget your 6 hour layover in Germany when your battery pack, cell phone, laptop, and camera are in desperate need of a recharge. Been there, done that, and won’t go down that road again.




5. Day Bag

This might seem obvious… but I have met enough people that don’t think to bring a bag bigger than a fanny-pack, and end up buying something in tourist town that is cheaply made and over-priced. If you don’t know what a day bag is, it’s a medium sized bag that carries simple things like a jacket, water bottle, and camera while you leave your big bag back at the hostel. A day bag can be as glamorous as a Coach leather backpack or as basic as a pull-string gym bag. Here’s a nice little compact one below.



Click the highlighted links to see the items on Amazon. If you purchase them from the links I’ve provided it won’t cost you any extra, but I will get a little extra cash!

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