Choosing A Backpack

Unless Uncle Fred has a backpack hidden away for you to borrow.. you will need to buy a backpack for your adventures. While some people might find this dreading (mainly because of the price), you should think of it as finding your travel confidant/ amigo/ compadre/ mate. Hopefully just something you won’t be cursing at the entire way to paradise.


♦ I will go ahead and start with my number one piece of advice. Go to the store and try it on. Go to the biggest name store for outdoor equipment and try on every bag. Fiddle around with every piece of that bag, then go home, and buy it online for cheaper.


If this is your first backpack then here are a couple tips:

  • Spend the extra money on something that won’t literally fall apart on you
  • Whatever size you think you need.. get the next size up
  • Get one that unzips ALL THE WAY OPEN, because life if hard enough without having to dig to the bottom of your bag for clean socks
  • Get the rain cover to go with it, you will need it… trust me
  • PADDING, as much as you can get. The padding with netting, breathable kind, is the best. You won’t notice how boney you are until you’re walking for an hour with your back and it starts digging in.
  • Think about if you want to be able to bring it as a carry on… you might laugh at the thought of this later when you see how much stuff you want to bring


Top Picks!

Osprey Woman’s Aura 50

Setting aside my devotion and absolute love for the brand Osprey, this bag has compartments galore! There are straps, wraps, harnesses, attachments, and everything you need to keep organized while traveling.


Kelty Women’s Redwing 40 Backpack

If you’re dead set on having a carry-on backpack this bag has a great price point. I’m honestly thinking about making this my next bag (if I can downsize my 55 liter into a 40… ugh)


Osprey Fairpoint 55 Backpack

In case you were wondering which backpack I have… this is my pack. I bought this pack because it can separate into a backpack and a day pack OR combine into one solid pack AND it unzips all the way open. Along the way I’ve discovered additional features that make me love it even more. Features like the florescent green inside (making finding things a bit easier), the straps zipped closed (so when I check my bag I don’t have to worry about a strap being ripped off in transport), the oh-so-durable material, the emergency whistle built into the chest strap (I know! crazy!)…. I could really go on forever, but I’ll save you from my rant.


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