What To Pack In Your Carry-On

A well packed carry-on can make the difference between arriving exhausted and smelly or landing as a surprisingly well put together, generally well-rested, and ready to conquer the world.

My first pro tip to you is to be organised. I consider myself a pretty eco-friendly person, but I have a plastic bag addiction when it comes to packing organisation (if it makes you feel better, I wash and reuse bags until they fall apart). Plastic baggies are see-through, light weight, cheap, and just oh-so perfect when trying to pack 30 different travel sized items into one bag. I recommend grouping the items into bags by categories listed below for full optimisation (if I already sound like an organisation freak, it’s because I am one).



  • Snacks

International airlines tend to be on-point when it comes to providing snacks, but if you get sick of chips, cookies, or (if you’re lucky) fruit, it’s good to have a back-up plan. I love carrying fruit and nut mixtures (one sweet and one salty variety is perfect). Not to mention, if you’re a healthy eater like me, this can be really difficult during airport layovers.

  • Water

Ever wonder why you get headaches and hangovers on international flights? It’s because the mixture of altitude and dry, cold air in the plane is making you super dehydrated. Bring the biggest water bottle you can find to keep your body hydrated and happy.



  • Moisturiser 

For the same reason as the water listed above, just keep as much water in your body as possible. Lather on as frequently as possible for glow-y  and hydrated skin so you can look like the superstar you are.

  • Face Wash and Hand Sanitiser 

Planes have bare minimum sanitation standards. It would surprise you just how disease ridden they are.  Keep some face wash and travel size hand sanitiser to kill off the little buggers.

  • Under Garments

Bringing an extra pair of underwear and changing mid-trip makes me feel so much better . Try it once and I guarantee you will keep doing the same.

  • Toothbrush/ Tooth Paste

This one speaks for itself. Everyone feels more refreshed after a quick brush, and I know they people around you will appreciate it.


Techy Stuff

  • Entertainment

Most international flights have a pretty decent entertainment selection of movies, music, maybe even games, but if it’s a really cheap flight (and they charge you for every little thing because they have no souls..) then I like to keep movies from Netflix or Youtube downloaded on my phone or laptop. I also have my kindle as well when I’m sick of watching movies. (To learn how to choose and download off Netflix and Youtube, go to my other blog post Must Have Apps For Traveling)

  • Headphones, Back-Up Head Phones

One of the worst feelings is realising you’ve forgotten your headphones when you get to the airport and having to pay $30 for a pair you’d pay $7 for at the gas station. I keep a back-up pair in my bag, just in case, and for some reason I almost always end up using my back-up pair on every trip.

  • Charging Cords

Pretty obvious, but double check to make sure you haven’t forgotten one or left it in your checked bag… been there.. done that.

  • Pro Tip: Sleeping Music

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t sleep well while hearing people talk or babies cry then this is a great option. I keep a white noise app on my phone (works while in airplane mode) to drown out the noises around me. Yes, this is mainly because I’m too cheap to buy noise cancelling headphone, but at the rate I go through headphone… I could buy a flight with all that cash.


  • Socks

I find it difficult to sleep in shoes and it’s too cold to not have something covering your feet while flying. I bring a pair of medium thickness, cozy socks just for long, cold trips.

  • Sleeping Mask and Pillow

Nearly every international flight will provide a pillow, but what is equally important is an eye mask. These are cheap and well worth the price. The better quality sleep you can get on your flight, the better overall traveling experience you will have.

  • Cozy Jacket Or Pull-Over

We all know how cold air crafts can be. Get yourself a stylish and cozy pull-over you can snuggle into for that chilly flight.

  • Comfortable, Stretchy, Breathable Clothes

My travel attire consists of 50% gym and running clothes. They are hands-down my top pic for traveling. Throw on some jogging pants, joggers (sneakers), a sporty pull over and maybe a baseball cap to travel in sporty, stylish comfort.

  • Pro Tip: Wear A Sports Bra

Obviously I’m talking to my ladies on this one but this is a life changer. Why feel bunched up and trapped your entire trip when you can wear a supportive and cozy sports bra or bralette.



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