Pisspoor Planner Mentality

Piss-poor Planner
ˈpIS-ˌpu̇r\ ˈplanˈər 

1.The subtle art of traveling without any real plan of where you are going or what you are doing next.
2.Letting life and the universe guide you on an epic adventure.

 The Purpose of Pisspoor Planner

When I was scrolling through travel websites looking for travel tips and advice, I was longing for a page with clear, clean, and get-straight-to-the-point posts.. but I never found quite what I was looking for. So I’ve devised a series of social media pages to give people what I feel like is missing in travel blogging.

Pisspoor Planner Facebook Page will give you loads of travel inspiration along with entertaining travel articles and blogs

Pisspoor Planner Instagram Page is a peep hole into my life as I travel the piss-poor lifestyle

Pisspoor Planner Website will give you all of my travel tips and advice in witty and hopefully entertaining short posts that are quick and easy to read

The best travel tips I’ve gotten are from people I’ve met while traveling. Travel books aren’t always up to date, and don’t always give the best “must go to” locations. So, let this page be just like advice from one traveling backpacker to another.

I hope everyone gets to experience what it’s like to wake up on a Sri Lanka beach, not get you visa approved in time for India (because I was lazy and waited too long to apply), and instead of getting stressed and upset, just booking the next flight to Nepal. My goal is to simply provide either entertainment or advice to whomever wants it, and inspire those who want to go for it. Life is too short! So what are you waiting for?

How It Began…

I was sitting in my office and stressed (like most days) so.. in good procrastinating spirit.. I opened a snap (youngster slang for snapchat message) from a friend saying “Don’t you wish you could just quit your job and travel?”. Being the typical smart-ass I am, I said “Why don’t we?”. Over the next few weeks it was almost like who could “out do” the other. One person would buy a ticket, the next would quit their job, the other would move out of their apartment and sell unnecessary items…. the ball just started rolling. Before I knew it, it was a week before my flight. I had quit my very promising career, left a very serious relationship, sold my car, moved everything I had left into my parents house…. and I was left staring at my ticket and backpack thinking “holy shit, I have no plan”. I had only left my country twice, I have never been backpacking before, AND I was backpacking alone since my friend started traveling a month before me and I wanted to travel in the opposite direction.

Since I refused to travel as part of a zombie member of a week long travel package where they truck you along and tell you the history of everything on the tourist path…. I was going at this with piss-poor planning at best. I focused my travel research on scams and safety tips so at least I wasn’t naive, and I depended on Lonely Planet website to roughly tell me where I should book a ticket. This is how the piss-poor planner mentality was born.

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